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Reflex Reflects
Reflex Reflects

Collaboration with Jeff Haase, Professor of Interior Design, OSU:

Within the collaborative process there is a choreography that develops, a dance with materials, form and site. In our evolving architectonic installation, the process of working together allowed for the work to shift and develop into unexplored territories within both of our artistic practices.

The large-scale piece is derived from some of my very small-scale layered paper pieces while also integrating Jeff’s interest in the emotive quality of space. In the piece, horizontally suspended layers are saturated with color on one side, while the other side is white and completely devoid of painted color. Through light concentrated on the piece, however, the white side of the layer glows with reflected color from the painted sides. The final configuration is then reflected in the mirrors installed below, creating a unified view of the cavern that has been removed from the middle of the layers.

The piece begs the question, is the final piece the physical materials and presence in the space or is the final piece the reflection in the mirror? Is a work of art about the physical experience with the object or the visual impact it provokes? Ultimately, the work creates a question for the viewer, a question of the space between two and three dimensionality and a question of perception.