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At the Core
At the Core
latex paint, plywood
32x 35x 50"

Commissioned by the Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio, for the exhibition, Hungry Planet:
To all people, food is a process. Food is grown, cultivated, preserved, shipped, displayed, consumed, and discarded, only to start the cyclical process over and over. Our lives are constructed around food and the land provides the starting point for our relationship with food. I am interested in creating a piece that parallels the idea of process inherent in the creation of food, constructing an organic piece in the round that viewers may travel around and notice a change of form as the piece transforms in color from vibrant hues to dark tones, suggesting a cycle of growth and decay. The piece is situated in the Bonsai courtyard, utilizing an existing tree stump as a pedestal for my piece. In addition to the circular nature of the site, ideal for the viewing of my piece, the tree stump ties into the piece’s concept, as a once full grown tree, now a stump, will have a new invented form grow from its surface, made out of processed sheets of wood. I derived the piece’s form from an abstraction of an apple core; an eaten apple, which as a symbol of food is simultaneously the end of the apple as a food supplier but also is the beginning of a new cycle of the apple as food, with the potential of growth found in the seeds in the core.